As we grow, we spread covering all aspects of the market encompassing complete turnkey solutions: EXHIBITION & EVENTS, FIT OUT, MUSEUMS.

Authentic TPS won as the "Best Interior Design / Build Firm - Dubai and Award for Innovation in Exhibition Stand Design" by MEA Markets 2018 UAE Business Awards.



We offer complete management of your exhibition or any kind of event, including planning and designing stands.

In a country that is host to more events that anywhere else, Authentic TPS takes expo components very seriously. Thanks to our in-house system, we are in control of every step, from idea to production. We model and build all types of expo elements, stands, lighting solutions and equipment, using the latest technology and the highest quality materials.

As Dubai strives to be technologically the most advanced city in the world, we follow the same direction incorporating cutting-edge technology into contemporary and efficient design, accomplishing the maximum out of any available space. 

The Dubai market is demanding, but with great potential. Awaiting Expo 2020, we are preparing every day to be more original, more prodigious and more productive, embracing the hardest challenges.

We enter where no one dares. We challenge the odds because we know we will be victorious. 

Authentic Turnkey Expo:

We see trade shows and exhibitions as an opportunity for the clients to present what they stand for in the best way.

See it, feel it, remember it and share the experience. Interactive and innovative approach to your exhibition.

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We offer complete management of your exhibition or any kind of event, including planning and designing stands. 

Yes, we have the experience, the technology, ideas… But our greatest asset is people, the professionals that ensure all parts of an event are perfectly fitted and executed. Our specially designed and authentic ‘real-time control’ system ensures smoothness and control of every second of an ongoing event. 

Events are all about the people, so we always employ the best people regardless of the magnitude of the event… because our clients always deserve the best. 

Authentic Turnkey Events: 

From the art exhibitions, across corporate events to the sports and music events, name it... we do it. Get closer to the your customers, clients, partners... 

Enjoy your event and let our team of experienced professionals take care of it. 

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We offer complete management of your exhibition or any kind of event, including planning and designing stands. 

You never get a second chance for the first impression. We deliver supreme interior design, including all installations, air-conditioning systems, IT network solutions, and other custom design services. We listen and understand, build and maintain the best looking and the most efficient business interiors. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we offer a complete turnkey solution and never ‘miss a target.’

Authentic Turnkey Fit Out:

We stand as one of the leading providers of services for Interior Fit Out Sector known as Turnkey Projects Supplies. We are known as a company with efficient management, substantial resources and sourcing expertise and successful track record in meeting clients’ wide requirements.

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For Generations to come 

The knowledge is the heritage for future generations. Our focus in museum fit out is our contribution to it. The members of our team were in charge of the development of the most important museum projects in the region.

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